Mass Internment: A Stepping Stone To Mass Elimination.
The Wicked Orchard by Sidra Owens

Damn right. When DT Tweets “Fake News”, I’m like, yeah, it has been for years, and now 100 times more.

I live in GA, the Reddest of the Red States, except for 1 Blue County, and I voted Blue, I don’t know why I stay here, I guess because it’s cheap, and starting over is hard. I’ve considered moving to Oregon, Cali, and even Canada years ago when I was younger and just starting out. My wife and I traveled there for a weekend, enjoyed ourselves, and that was it. Once back home, we settled into complacency that this is home, and now that we have kids, moving any further than across the street seems too much trouble, much less outside of the borders.

Where would we go that would be better, why should we run from the country that is still a bright shinning star of supposed freedom?

Medium has been the conduit that has revitalized and invigorated me into action. Not to move, but to do something. What am I going to do?

Possibly NSFW depends on your filter and morals.

I’m getting ready to go live with a Patreon (preview link above) to explore the future of humanity in the AT era or After Trump, because I believe that in hundreds or if we make it, thousands of years, future generations will look back at this era, as we do now the B.C Era. Not that Trump is Christlike, if anything he is the Anti-Christ.

My Mother said that she saw on Facebook, the only reason Trump is still in Office, is because he is the only one who will stand for Israel.

I reminded her, that just a few months ago FB was under investigation for selling out it’s users data and targeting them specifically with articles and adds that look like news, but they aren’t, they are in fact political propaganda, I guess it all is anymore. So if that’s the game, why not play it.

From here on out, I will be creating my own propaganda, via political pornography, for what better way to mock and ridicule the system than play to it’s own base weaknesses and desires. It’s what they do, so why are we holding any punches? Are we trying to hold some moral ground, while “they” being the news media all the way to the White house diffuse Truth with a fleshlight?

That’s no error, yeah, I said they diffuse truth with an instrument of masturbation because like Trumps counsel Giuliani himself said just last week….Truth isn’t true;

and the News isn’t news. The news is masturbatory media, whose only purpose is to play to base desires and sway people one way or the other, to polarize and divide based on lowest common denominator push button issues.

The Bill Clinton analogy is not without merit. He was impeached for sexual indiscretion. They all pretend to have morals, but we know the score.

Present Day: Prior to Trump taking office, the pissing Russian hookers scandal was all over the news, and I think there is probably more truth in that scandal than anyone cares to uncover or are allowed to reveal.

Since then, he has had the Stormy Daniels affair, but somehow the lies keep morphing and after a brief fake news blip that seems engineered to offer respite from yet another scandal as one gets gently buried under the next.

Trump continues unimpeded and meanders like a bull in a china shop, revoking clearances of his perceived enemies and/or non-loyalists, and rolling back standards, day after day. While the whole world sits back and watches, in amusement and horror.

The US now gets honorable mention on top 10 best places to live.

You are right, if “they” being “Congress” and the “Judicial” branch, haven’t done anything by now, over just 1 of his lies….they are not going to do anything ever. He has a free pass from anyone with authority to rein him in.

The only power we have is our own, and if we do nothing, we don’t have anyone to blame or complain to. Sometimes moving isn’t the answer, standing for what you believe in still is.

For the record, I should be a Trump supporter via demographics: I am very White almost translucent, Live in the Dirty South, Drive an American Truck, but I am not fooled by the push button issues they build their base around, and I think what is and has been happening in our country is wrong.

Sorry my comment over-ran and I went into self promo mode, but your article struck a chord and I appreciate that I am not the only one that feels this way.

Thank you again and continue to use your power.