I’ve received a few messages regarding this paragraph here, I thought I’d go ahead and just clarify…
Nabeel Tahir

When I read it the first time, I understood what you meant.

However, grammatically, that’s still not what it says.

It is not that I am the English Wizard, by any means, because I’m not.

I just think it’s important for your story to work, that people understand that line without any blip.

To me, it needs a “not” in there right about —

and it will work out fine. You won’t hear another word about it.

I’m not trying to be rude, or dis-respectful, just trying to help.

Without the “not” inserted above, it just makes it seem that you are directly introducing yourself to her as an attempt to get her to sleep with you. Which again, negates your intent.

So I know it’s not what you mean to say, but it is what’s communicated via the missing “not.”

If I went up to my Gym and read that to any girl in there, without the “not” she would most like get offended and rightly so imo.

I’m out., seriously only trying to help.