Meditations on EOS
Dean Eigenmann

Of course you don’t like it — you want every platform to audit its protocol before it puts it our there — which is bullshit. Dan Larimer has built other platforms if anyone knows what he is doing it is this guy, who is to say that you would have caught all the bugs?? Sounds like Monday morning quarterbacking to me. Second, you can’t learn to swim until you get into the water and so far not to many have come in — look at Cardano and the money it has raised and if doesn’t even have a block chain. EOS is about community and bringing that community together and making people in the community participate because if they don’t they shouldn’t be there (this is why if you don’t vote you lose power). U want to talk centralized then let’s be real about Ethereum (it is centralized — average owner is not going to create a fork nor does he get any say in anything) — same with bitcoin. So all this talk from the “experts” is bull shit and i am not buying, I am going to wait and see — 2 weeks up is not enough time to judge EOS and just toss it away.