The* (new**) UK* Jazz Family Tree

Hello lovely people. Some notes:
* This is a personal project which in no way is trying to be comprehensive
** I recognise there is a mix of old and new. See above.
*** This is actually mostly London-focused with a sprinkling of Manchester and South Africa. Refer to *.

— Please read update below —

Over the last 12 months or so I have become somewhat obsessed with the new UK jazz scene. It started with Emma-Jean Thackray and Sons of Kemet and quickly grew to include many of the musicians on this family tree. If you’d like to read more I recommend this article and also this one.

Caveat. I couldn’t include everyone. I’ve focused mostly on musicians I know—or have come to know—over the last 12 months. My humblest apologies to anyone who should be included.

Many people have helped (via Twitter) with the graphic and I want to extend my warmest thanks to them.

There is a link below to a high resolution PDF which you are free to print and share, etc. If you’d like to publish, please credit as Kimberley Crofts. Thanks.

I’ve included the drafts below so that you can see the development. This includes a late entry change because I’m an idiot and made some mistakes. Including calling it UK when it really should have just been England. Apologies.

UPDATE – I’m a bit overwhelmed with the expectations to make this definitive and have decided to put the idea of Version 6 to rest for now.

I have posted my last changes for now.

If there are any UK designers who’d like to take the artwork and keep going, please get in touch. It’s been suggested that a Crowdfunding project could be run to give someone the means to do this. I think that’s a great idea but hard for me to juggle with a full time job. And, besides, it’s probably time I did an Australian Jazz Family Tree, no?

Thank you for your interest, passion, and your music. See you in June in London!

Also… check out the very excellent dynamic version created by Corey Mwamba over here. Seriously amazing stuff.

The link below is for a high-res PDF

The (new) Mostly English Jazz Family Tree — Version 5.3.1

Slightly updated