Origins of KaiTheDiamondDragon: Day 1

My Home: I spawn into the world of exploration and wonder. I spawn in the world of Minecraft. I look around and smell the air then off I go. I start my journey to defeat the Ender Dragon. But I know that will obviously have to wait a little time. But for now I have to create a shelter. So I look for a place to sleep after slaying a couple sheep for food and wool. Then after walking a little more I saw a roof in the distance. So I start walking towards the roof and I saw a village. So I walked through the village and I find a crafting table to make a bed. Then I go to sleep at the church. Awoken by a bang at the door I find an iron sword in the chest. Then I open the door to a zombie, so I slay it. I immediately am praised by the villagers and I’m told that I found the right place for sanctuary. And now this is the place that I call “home”.

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