Most Of The Frequently Used Electrical Tools For Electrician

Paul Taylor
Dec 1, 2017 · 2 min read

It is a known fact that an electrical work must be carried out by a professional electrician. Electrician requires a lot of electrical tools to perform the required job efficiently and safely. The type of electrical tools required can be determined on the basis of the type of electrical services to be performed. However, there are different tools for different types of electrical jobs but following are the most common that are frequently used by the electricians or electrical contractor:

1. Fish tape

It is the most commonly tape as it helps to pull the solid or stranded wire through a medium made with PVC. For addiction assistance, a specially designed lube is available that helps in pulling the wire from a pipe.

2: Tape measure

While carrying out the electrical works, tape measure is used. Electrician usually uses this tape measure to determine the heights of the power points, switches and for estimating the space where electrical appliance has to be placed on the walls.

The tape measure can be used in a number of ways while carrying out the electrical job. Licensed Electrician usually demands this equipment for placement of outlets.

3: Voltmeter or testing unit

While performing the electrical tasks, it is necessary to turn the power off so that the current do not pass through the circuit. However, it is not necessary all the time that turning off the power is enough to stop the current flow. You have to check thoroughly whether the electricity is still flowing. For this purpose, a voltmeter is useful that detects if the current is flowing through the circuit by checking voltage measurements.

5: Wire strippers

Wires are coated with insulated material, so an equipment is often required to remove this insulation for making electrical connection. Wire Strippers are used for this purpose. There tools comes in teeth of various sizes to strip the different kind of wires. These stripping tools also include a section for wire cutting.

6: Non-contact voltage detector

As the name suggests, a voltage detector is used to check the current flow without making it in contact with the electric circuit or device. Some voltage detectors are automatic while some needs to be operated using a switch. You will definitely find this tool in the bag of a professional electrician.

A professional electrician can tell you about the complete tools need to perform the electrical services work. The above tools are commonly used even to carry out the required electrician work.