CES: Cybershoes

CES link: https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/best-vr-ar-tech-ces-2019/

Cybershoes Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cybershoes-a-step-into-virtual-reality-games--3#/

Media Review: https://www.techradar.com/news/cybershoes-are-a-visceral-way-to-move-in-vr-at-ces-2019

Cybershoes is one of the newest VR products featured in the 2019 CES. Cybershoes are associated with Indiegogo, a crowd funding company out of California. This product introduces a new way to move through VR experiences.The Cybershoes allow users to experience walking, running, and jumping in a more realistic way, and this creates a more full-body VR experience. The product is also supposed to create less motion sickness. Cybershoes are one way to experience VR without having a large, empty space to move around. Since the user is sitting when using Cybershoes, the product is much more realistic for users with limited space. One of their slogans says it creates a “game without borders”. The shoes are compatible with Steam VR.

Another product introduced at the 2019 CES is the 3DRUDDER for Playstation VR. This product has a similar idea to improve the movement in a VR game. Users can tilt and spin the product to move around in the game, however it seems that the Cybershoes would feel more natural to use.

I think this product is a step in the right direction. The shoes use a very realistic locomotion technique, which will appeal to many viewers and can help solve one of the main problems of VR, VR sickness. I think Cybershoes will be fairly successful in the Steam VR world, but they should diversify the platforms that the shoes can be compatible with. The Cybershoes are a good prototype for the future of locomotion in VR, but they still have lots of room for improvement.