Fact-Check: James Dyson’s Claims About Brexit
Hugh Hancock

“ A majority of the EU’s remaining 27 countries would have to agree to any Free Trade Agreement.”

I was actually of the understanding that any free trade agreement with the EU would first have to be agreed by the EU and then signed by all the member states, and then ratified in whatever means each member state decides, and doesn’t come into force until ALL ratify.

That isn’t as nice as it sounds, as the Lisbon treaty took 9 years, mainly because the first pass through it was rejected by Ireland, so was redone, and then it still took 2 years for all the member states to sign off.

It’s also been what, 3–4 years SO FAR for the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership [TTIP] — a free trade agreement between the EU and one country (in this case, the US) and it’s not fully negotiated, still probably another year before it even goes to the EU and then another two for member states to ratify, assuming they all do.

(more details http://ktetch.co.uk/2016/06/brexit-is-naught-but-tissue-of-lies/)

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