A new social network aims to be a safer place for marginalized communities

Image source: Telepath

When is the last time you truly had a fun and delightful experience on a social network? I asked myself that same question after being invited to join Telepath, a new social network focused on conversation and providing spaces where people can find community with folks who share their interests. Telepath is trying to bring the fun from the early internet back to social networks as well as prevent the hate and abuse that run rampant on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. …

Plus, one unpleasant surprise

During its product event on Tuesday, Apple announced new updates for the Apple Watch line, a new “Apple One” bundle of services, and plenty more — but what got me most excited as a developer is the new iPad Air.

The new tablet comes with an updated bezel design that looks like the current iPad Pro’s, several color offerings, a TouchID-capable wake button, and a suite of performance upgrades. The iPad Air will now have the A14 chip with 6-core CPU and neural engine capabilities not yet seen in the iPad. …

The new email service from Basecamp founders David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried is pricey — but for good reasons

Photo illustration. Screenshot: HEY Email

What words come to mind when you think of email? The first two words I think of are “overwhelming” and “unending.” I’ve tried many different email clients, like Apple Mail, Gmail, and Spark, but I have always been disappointed by how little control I felt I had over my mailbox. No matter how much auto-sorting the client did, I still felt it was hard to find the emails when I needed them and I was constantly getting messages I didn’t want. No email software has ever improved my relationship with email. …

Yes, Apple finally fixed the keyboard, but there’s much more to love

Credit: Apple

On Wednesday morning, Apple announced the long-anticipated new 16” MacBook Pro. Apple sent me the new MacBook last week so that I can share my experience with the developer community and I’ve used it as my main device over the past week.

The first thing I noticed was the new keyboard. Say goodbye to the butterfly keyboard! I haven’t been a big fan of the butterfly keyboard and I know I’m not alone in that. The new keyboard has higher raised keys and great spring back that feels way more natural. Personally, I like a keyboard that has a deeper…

Source: Manu Cornet

Every developer has that moment of realization when you look at your code and barely understand what it’s suppose to do or how it got to be so many lines long. This doesn’t mean you have to completely start from scratch, but it’s important to be open to refactoring parts of your code. The point of refactoring is to make your code more understandable, testable and/or modern.

This is the first post of many where I’m going to share the refactoring process for my app, We Read Too, along with the patterns, libraries & tools I learn along the way.

Written by Erica Engle and Kaya Thomas

Illustration by Josh Cochran

Ever needed to squint to see some text? How about feeling unsure where a button is because it’s indistinguishable from the background color? Accessible technology means that the product we provide works for everyone, regardless of what their abilities may be. We want Slack to be the place where work happens and this is one of the major considerations we think about in our development.

In order to create an accessible application, we must break down the status quo of what we deem standard for sizes, colorings, and more. Making a mobile app…

I graduate college in 6 months. Every graduation before this one has led to more school. Like most college seniors I feel both excited and terrified about graduating. And as I get closer to this next stage of my life, more folks have asked me: “so what’s next for you post-grad?”.

When I began my search for where I would work after college, I tried coming up with criteria of what’s important to me. The following is some of that criteria:

  • A company that makes a product I like & that has users who like it too.
  • An environment that…

Earlier today Wall Street Journal posted a piece titled “Facebook Blames Lack of Available Talent for Diversity Problem”. Facebook has come to the conclusion that their diversity problem is due to there being too few underrepresented people who have the necessary tech skills to work for them. So instead of looking to find this talent, they are passing off the issue to the public education system.

I am a Black woman who will graduate with a computer science degree from Dartmouth College in less than a year. There are thousands of other Black and Latinx who graduate every year with…

Last winter I took one of the hardest required courses for my computer science major. I went into the course thinking that, because I wasn’t strong in advanced math, I wouldn’t succeed in a theoretical computer science course. Programming is my strong suit, but this course involved zero programming and was completely abstract. My fear of failure often made thoughts such as these cross my mind:

  • If I fail or drop this course can I actually succeed in this major?
  • If I don’t do above average will my professor think it’s because I’m a woman, black or both?
  • Will the…

A love of reading and tinkering — and unease about how young black women are portrayed in books — leads to a passion for coding.

I’ve always loved books. No matter how old I was, what I was going through, how I felt in any moment a book was always a means of escape. A way to dive into a new world and become a new character. I could learn, love, laugh and grow all from a book. I also loved tinkering. I was constantly asking questions about everything. I always wanted to learn more and expand my mind. Books…

Kaya Thomas

iOS Engineer at Calm

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