A new social network aims to be a safer place for marginalized communities

When is the last time you truly had a fun and delightful experience on a social network? I asked myself that same question after being invited to join Telepath, a new social network focused on conversation and providing spaces where people can find community with folks who share their interests…

The new email service from Basecamp founders David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried is pricey — but for good reasons

What words come to mind when you think of email? The first two words I think of are “overwhelming” and “unending.” I’ve tried many different email clients, like Apple Mail, Gmail, and Spark, but I have always been disappointed by how little control I felt I had over my mailbox…

Last winter I took one of the hardest required courses for my computer science major. I went into the course thinking that, because I wasn’t strong in advanced math, I wouldn’t succeed in a theoretical computer science course. Programming is my strong suit, but this course involved zero programming and…

Kaya Thomas

iOS Engineer at Calm

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