Your word choices are terrible, beyond the points already made in other comments, your device is…
Karl Tiedt

This isn’t the first time a service has been sunset/disabled/shutdown. Any agreement to the service would have been in a TOS or some other sort of agreement, which would most likely cover exactly these circumstances. Companies don’t tend to make promises of supporting anything in perpetuity, its not good for their bottom line.

It sucks, I won’t argue that, but I would be surprised if there was a legal case and if there was a class action that resulted in a payment, it would probably be a move to save face more than anything.

As for “useful as a brick”, yes, the device may be, however for electronics, particularly devices that run some form of firmware or OS that generally entails breaking the device in some fashion, corrupting the firmware etc etc… Yes it is the same, end result, but in the end, some enterprising person could potentially reverse engineer the communications or decompile the firmware and resurrect the product through Open Source means… To that end, no, they are not bricked, there is just no one listening to the plaintive cries for attention on the internet. Will anyone take up the mantle and try? Maybe, y’all seem awfully upset about a 2+ year old product that has plenty of much cheaper replacement devices out there.

Either way, good luck in y’alls fight.

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