Bitcoin God hard fork has taken place in the bitcoin network

On December 27, another hard fork of the bitcoin network has taken place. As a result, a new cryptocurrency Bitcoin God appeared. The project founder is Chandler Go, an entrepreneur from China. According to him, Bitcoin God is a non-profit P2P organization.

The new cryptocurrency will have an increased block size and support the Lighting Network and smart contracts. Confirmation of transactions in the Bitcoin God network will be carried out in accordance with the proof-of-stake algorithm, which is used on the Ethereum network. In addition, confidentiality in the new cryptocurrency will be strengthened thanks to the principle of Zero-knowledge Proof.

The volume of the GOD emission will amount to 21 million. 17 million of the coins will be received by the bitcoins owners, and the remaining 4 million will be sent to charity.

About 46 crypto exchanges and providers of electronic wallets, including Bittrex, Polonex, GDAX, Bithumb, Kraken, etc., are going to support Bitcoin God. The main network will be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

Source : forexgrand

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