The Big Orange Screw

Being at a university with over 20,000 people you can get lost in all the students. I’ve come to the conclusion that universities think they can just make things the way they are and just move along with their day. As students we’re all just nails and this university is a huge hammer. In reality, they are doing what they think is best for everyone as a whole, which if you have any background in communications you’ll find that is inherently impossible. The diversity here at The University of Tennessee is ever so expanding and becoming almost a problem. Football here isn’t a problem though, but their means of distributing tickets surely is a growing issue. Why has a very, very screwed up system of giving tickets to students not only to home but also to away games become unfair? Is that going to make students more likely to come if they attend every game but are still sitting in horrible seats? The answer is definitely no. As a student here I’ve witnessed every sort of mishap with the flaws in this system. I’ve attended every single game as a student and 3 away games. But I still got the shaft for the big Bristol game? It’s unbelievable how much money I spend to go to this university but I’ve still have not gotten better seats for games. Hopefully one day the football program will recognize those student fans who consistently come to every single game supporting what seems to be a program who is coming back to the top.