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Someone close to me does not believe in human-caused climate disruption.

He’s a successful businessman and highly rational. How is it possible that he doesn’t believe in the scientific consensus? After all, 97% of climate scientists agree that human activities are causing climate disruption.

People develop defence mechanisms to avoid the uncomfortable truths around global warming, explains Per Espen Stoknes. He is a psychologist and economics PhD who focuses on climate psychology, climate economics, and climate policy.

If your job is in the fossil fuels industry, or you depend on cheap gas (thanks to a long car commute to work…

A Concept Guide, an Analysis of 5 Climate Solutions, and a Recommendation

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Why do you want to donate the money? I think you would have more impact by investing in companies that are a part of the solution, by lowering their cost of capital and making them more competitive in the market. You might even get a return along the way.

I did not see my friend’s counter-question coming. My head started swirling. I aim to donate a percentage of my annual income towards good causes and asked a group of friends for effective climate-focused charities.

But my friend questions whether I should donate at all?

Let us first zoom out and…

Reduce Your CO2e Emissions by 7% With 3 Simple Changes

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I reacted like a stubborn child when my girlfriend suggested that we turn down the thermostat on our heating panels every evening to reduce our carbon footprint and electricity bill.

Really? Yet another thing to do, right? I clean out aluminum and plastic food packaging for recycling. And I turn off the lights in rooms that are not in use. It’s tiring to do all the right things. I felt fed up.

But climate action is a recurring activity, not a one off. We have to make the right choices collectively. Over time. …

Dear Fellow Members of the MIT Class of 2016,
Wow — can you believe we’re this far? We’re so far that a batch of 2020s are soon coming to campus, and the graduation ticket hunt is real.

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do they really want to sit through the 5-hour long ceremony?

And — man — is the last semester going to pass by quickly.


Idealist and book nerd. Product Manager at Cognite, a fast growing scale-up building software for a more sustainable industrial world. Ex-McKinsey. MIT alum.

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