TIY: Week 3 & 4

These past two weeks feel like a blur, where has the time gone? It’s already the end of week four. In regards to material, we took a break from Ruby for a bit and started working with SQL and databases which was a blessing at first because I have previous history in SQL but once we started incorporating it within Ruby code I started struggling. After databases last week, this week we have started shifting towards using Ruby with the web and creating API’s. I find that these two weeks have been extremely interesting. This has made me really appreciate the ‘rigidity’ of the structure of SQL and the flexibility of Ruby. They each have their own strengths but being able to use them both intertwined was probably my favorite part of this week. We learned how to use Rack in Ruby and also Sinatra to handle URL pathing and now we are tasked to create an API for a ‘simulated Front End Dev’. I don’t fully understand how everything works yet but I’m eager to learn more, however I do have to say these weeks have been the most difficult for me so far.