How to help your clients grow their staff — Firm of the Future

4 Signs of Growth Readiness

Money is the obvious first sign that a business is ready to grow. Your client may be seeing an increase in customer traffic or revenue but struggling to keep up with demand. Hiring is an easy solution, as long as they can handle the additional responsibilities and costs that come with it. But, there are other signs to look for to help your client determine if they’re ready to grow.

Helping Your Clients Prepare

Once your client has been made aware of their growth opportunity, they may rely on you to help them see it come to fruition. With your financial know-how and business acumen, you’re certainly the perfect person to help them prepare. Here are some tips to help you both succeed:

  • Help them understand labor laws. You may not be a labor law expert, but you do have above-average business expertise. Remind your client about the importance of keeping proper records, especially when it comes to tracking hours worked and overtime for salaried and hourly workers. Plus, with these records, your client can have more accurate job and overtime estimates. You may also want to remind your client about the potential cost of labor law violations. Employers spent $2.8 billion on wage and hour lawsuits between 1984 and 2017. Over 70 percent of those came from Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations.
  • Connect your client to other business professionals. Chances are you’re not the only person your client turns to for business advice. However, you may have connections that your client could benefit from. If your client is looking to grow their business, help them network with other experts in the field of human resources, employment law, business operations, and more. For many small business owners, having access to experts is an invaluable resource.



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