Project 3- Family Album

Coming from four different states these five friends have all became a family of best friends due to the fact they all made the same decision to attend a school in the small town of Oxford, Mississippi.
Every Sunday night, Lia Aiavao, Kailen Locke, Jacqueline Falcon, Isabella McArdle and Johanna Keosseian get together and have a family dinner where they watch movies, do homework and enjoy each other’s company.
Usually, the night begins by making a trip to the local grocery story to get some of the necessities to make the meal that is planned for the night.
Even when they are grocery shopping, big and little pair, Lia Aiavao and Isabella McArdle, still make time to make jokes and laugh with eachother.
Since Jacqueline Falcon lives in the sorority house and cannot cook her own meals, she loves to cook different kinds of dishes for her friends for family night.
Coming all the way from California, Kailen Locke appreciates having such a close group of best friends she can turn to for anything just like she could her family back home. No matter what she needs Locke says she has friends that will help her with anything.
At times, everyone can be glued to their iphones or computers doing homework or on social media, but they still make time to discuss their weekends and catch up with eachother on missed events. They all enjoy winding down a long weekend by relaxing and spending time with eachother.
Although Christmas is months away, names for secret santa were drawn to give each friend enough time to get a wonderful gift for the person they drew.
Due to the fact that it would have taken three hours for the pizza to be delivered, junior Kailen Locke and sophomore Johanna Keosseian decided to go pick it up themeselves to save time.
To their surprise upon arrival Papa Johns misunderstood and was out delivering the pizza to the address of Locke’s home last year. They had to wait even longer for the pizza to make it back to Papa Johns and everyone was frustrated.
Finally with the pizza home everyone took their share and enjoyed the warm pizza. Usually at Sunday family dinners everyone pitches in to make a homemade meal, but due to time retraints pizza, stove top and cookies were the next best thing.
Kailen Locke begins to mix together the ingredients for the oatmeal chocoalte chip cookies that everyone ate for dessert.
After finishing up mixing the ingredients, Lia helps Kailen by putting the cookies in the oven where they would cook for about ten minutes before they were ready.
Although during majority of the movie everyone talks, it still takes everyone at least thirty minutes to all agree on a good movie to “watch”.
Since all joining the same sorority, they have become more than sisters and best friends; they have become a family that do everything together and still take the time to have a dinner to reflect on their time spent together.
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