Cool facts about the YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys

If you have heard about Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy before, you must already know their extremely popular YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys. Their videos are amazing, entertaining and educational. Although in most of their videos they feature one or two stunts and experiments, but with every video, they showed us a very, very slow-moving world in which we all live, but don’t really notice it.

The channel The Slow Mo Guys is one of the most popular ones on YouTube with one of the largest subscription count. Their famous video titled Rubber bands vs Water Melon — The Slow Mo Guys alone has more than 15 million views and the number is still growing. The popularity of the videos and the channel was soon noticed and resulted in their channel getting enlisted for a number of awards and recognition. For example, in the year 2011, it was voted as the best YouTube On the Rise program.

Not only the YouTube channel was a major success, but the founders Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy also became worldwide popular. The channel brought both of them, success. For instance before starting The Slow Mo Guys channel, Gavin Free worked as a slow motion camera operator for seven years. In fact, Gavin Free never looked at the prospects of becoming so popular because of the channel. He mentioned somewhere that the reason he started the YouTube channel was because he wanted to get USA work visa. He was offered a job in America before the beginning of the channel but he couldn’t take the job because he didn’t have the USA work visa. Also, he lacked the certificates.

Some other facts about Gavin Free include: He was born in Oxfordshire, UK and now resides in USA with his girlfriend, who is a famous Cosplayer. Free said he loves working in USA because he loves the weather in America. Free is also a director, actor in addition to a camera operator. Free has won the award for Best Cinematography in 2016.

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A lot of effort goes into making videos and Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy go through a lot of trouble to make them. It is especially Gruchy who has to take all the hits and swallow the pain. This is prevalent from the fact that among the two founders of the channel, it is Gruchy who does most of the stunts. Gavin Free is usually the man behind the camera. This all started because of a simple bet. The bet was that the winner will shot the video and the loser will do the stunt as the penalty of the bet. Luckily Free won the bet and Gruchy lost and had to do the stunt. The penalty was to get hit in the face by a football. Gruchy took the hit and Free shot the video and uploaded on YouTube. The video has over 15 million views.

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