RPG Basics for Beginners

RPG or role-playing games are one of the most popular video games. There are hundreds and thousands of RPGs and you must have played a few of them. But, not all seem to have an understanding of what an RPG is. I, for example, myself didn’t have any idea of the video game genre. It was only when I was supposed to write an essay about video games, I got a little understanding of RPGs.

For those who don’t know what is an RPG — an RPG is a type of video game where you play as a character. The character is usually the center of the game; this means that the entire game is based on the character that you will play. And, every scene, stage, mission in the game is webbed around the main character. Broadly speaking, one can say that most of the RPGs have a background story in which there’s the main character. And, it is that character whom you’ll be playing as in the game. Some of the good examples of RPGs are GTA, Hitman, Prince of Persia, Assasin’s Creed, Halo, Mass Effect, etc. I am sure by now you must have got a gist of what an RPG is.

There’s also another highly popular game type, it is called strategy game where you have to form strategies rather than blindly using firepower. They are especially highly popular aiming avid gamers. Yandere Simulator is one massively popular RPG + strategy game. You can read more to download Yandere Simulator and the game review on Menverse.

Now, the thought that comes to mind is whether RPG is always offline or it could be played online as well? The answer is RPG shouldn’t necessarily always be offline. There are plenty of role-playing games that can be played offline or online in a multiplayer mode. The only difference is that in offline mode you’ll be completing different predefined missions/tasks to advance in the game. Whereas, in online mode, you can compete against other players from across the globe and be on the top of the leader-board. Remember in both game modes, there will be different achievements you’ll be rewarded with if you play well.

To comment which among offline and online mode is better is not possible because every game is different with different gameplay, offline and online missions and achievements, etc. Belonging to same game type doesn’t necessarily means that game will be the same as well. So you have to play the game yourself and find out the answer. This is one of the properties that make RPGs interesting apart from the usual destruction, actions, fights, etc.

Another thing that’s likable about RPGs is the graphics — I am talking about RPGs for Playstation, XBox One. The graphics of RPGs is awesome. Plus, there are special moves, which although are a little tricky, but if you master them you could be in god mode. These special moves are usually action packed and visually looks cool. But, in some of the RPGs, these special moves consumes a lot of energy or resources. Thus, lowering your firepower. So, you have to be careful about when to use them.

So there you have it, folks. That’s all to know about RPGs introductions.

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