Smear Campaign

I’m Cell Wall, and I’ve noticed that the other organelle candidates are lacking finesse. For instance, Ryan Ribosome might synthesize RNA into Proteins, but what good does that do? There are certain mutations of the ribosome that affect its movements during translation and appear to cause a decrease in the accuracy of protein synthesis. For example, the wrong amino acids get put into the protein with increased frequency. Thus, the movements themselves may be directly tied to the mechanism by which the ribosome makes sure that the correct amino acid is being added to the protein at each point along the mRNA. But that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Ryan over here isn’t as strong or as flexible as I am and that’s far more important than just floating around in the cytoplasm. I keep the structure of the cell and bring balance and order.I say we cut down on the amount of ribosomes and establish a wall research fund to support my needs in order to keep you, the people, well-secured and happy. Thank you.

Cell Wall.