Learning From & Giving Back to the Tech Community

As someone who is a newer member to the Tampa Bay tech community, I have had the pleasure to meet and speak with so many amazing people. I am always astounded by the willingness to share personal knowledge and experience with other coders.

My current internship opportunity allows me to work side by side with someone who loves the career they are in, is excited about learning new technologies and is willing to share their knowledge to help me grow as a developer. The support and push that I have received is amazing and makes me want to give back.

The Iron Yard in St. Petersburg was another opportunity for me to receive support and an education.

Through The Iron Yard, I have also been given the opportunity to give back to the tech community through helping inspire kids to start coding by becoming a Teaching Assistant for Intro to HTML/CSS (ages 8–12) and Intro to Game Development (ages 8–12).

I have spent the past few weeks being amazed by the kids. The excitement they come in with is energizing, and watching them get faster and better with each class is such an inspiration.

I love working in HTML/CSS every day and I cannot wait to one day move up to the Teacher role for the Intro to HTML/CSS (ages 8–12). Each day in this career is an adventure and I want to continue to share my excitement and passion for UI development with a new generation of coders.

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