My First Week as an Intern

When starting a new career it is often hard to remember that things aren’t the way they used to be. This past week was a new beginning and an end of a following a career path that did not make me happy.

It felt weird to be the oldest intern to show up for the first day, but as I sat there I reminded myself that I was taking a step towards a new life and a career that I wanted. The first couple of days were overwhelming, as someone who officially started coding on January 26, 2015 I had never had to worry about the amount of files that a company would have, or having to read code that someone else had written that really meant something.

The coding we did in class felt like a stepping stone to finishing my homework and the end result was only for me and for grading purposes. This internship feels like a whole new world, while I am afraid to mess up or not know something I also feel excited to look into ways that other people have tackled the same issues and try to get the results that I need.

Even at the end of the week the navigation I was working on was not perfect, it was not beautiful, and I’m not sure if it will even be used. The most amazing thing was it felt great to be coding. I loved every minute of the frustration and having someone willing to talk to me about code, work side by side, and share frustration with.

When I decided to make this career change I was afraid I would not be good enough. I kept hearing people that had been coding for years say that they felt like imposters. Hearing that scared the crap out of me because if a person with 10+ years of experience still felt that way how would I ever feel like I knew what I was doing.

My first week as a Web Design Intern felt like exciting and refreshing. I finally felt like I had made the right choice. I can say I am a Web Designer. I am following my dream, I have found a career that I love.

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