Half a year of basecs! 🎉
Vaidehi Joshi

Thank you so much for writing these articles, Vaidehi. My challenge in learning programming to date is knowing that there is a lot of stuff that I need to know AND knowing that I don’t know what exactly I need to know. (Summarized as CS 101. 😜)

I took programming classes in the 1980s as a teenager but it was using the BASIC language and we never got too complex. As an adult, I have sold computers and worked for multiple software companies in product management and marketing, so I am computer-literate, but not programming-literate. I can speak in general terms about APIs, classes, methods, etc., but just enough to get in trouble. :)

I have struggled over the last year or so to find BOTH what comes before and what comes next after programming basics such as variables, constants, arrays, etc., (as described in Apple’s Introduction to Swift Programming.) You are helping me to discover and understand the basic building blocks that support those concepts.

Your articles are at the right level of detail and the illustrations are very helpful too. I am definitely going to re-read a few of them. I have bookmarked all of your articles from January until early July and will read them in order.

Once again, thank you so much for this. :-)

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