The Ultimate Ultimate Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Primer

Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

Bla bla bla

Corporations control my data. They are tracking my every move. Every transaction.

Federal Reserve and their fiat money. Trust bankers. Who me?

Not a bubble.

Not just for people who buy illegal drugs, launder money, etc. It’s for real people like you and me (who has invested in multiple cryptocurrencies and has had Bitcoin wallet contents stolen 3 times).

Not able to use at local convenience store to buy a pack of gum but it’s still the future. Value fluctuates wildly from day to day, but that’s a good thing. “Store of value” is for pussies.

Bla bla bla.

Smart contracts that enforce themselves. Well except for real assets. But let’s conveniently ignore that.

Blockchain is like electricity and the wheel. It’s transformational. Yes, it needs active evangelism and puff pieces. What’s your point?

Bla bla bla.

Bla bla bla.

More self-serving arguments and circular logic to get you to invest in an ICO just before I cash out.

(More convincing arguments coming real soon. Too many good reasons not to miss out on the future. Like the entire crypto space, this is a work in progress.)