Yo Kenneth! Thank you. I like how you use emojis to spice things up. That’s lovely!
Bob Lee

Yep, I am working on learning Swift as well. Your examples are above my pay grade 🤑💎⛹🏼, but they give me something to work towards (I.e., 🍺 and 🍰)

I bought my Apple developer subscription and downloaded Xcode almost 2 months ago. I am bouncing back and forth between Swift Playgrounds on the iPad, a Udemy course on iOS programming, and a couple of dedicated apps (Mimo and Swiftbites) that offer mini-courses. I am also a few chapters into the official Swift guide. (And I just subscribed to your videos on YouTube; I liked you on Facebook a few days ago.) If it seems scattered in terms of an approach to learning, it is. But that’s how I learn I guess. :)

I work in software product management (www.digitera.com) but want to become more conversant in programming. I took a programming course on a Honeywell mini in 1981 — think sine waves and starting each line of code with a number — at the age of 11 but never really did anything with it. I had a Commodore VIC 20 with a cassette tape drive after that. I got a Commodore 64 later on. (You are young enough to have to look all of three of those up on Wikipedia. 😝)

Now in my 40s, I want to try again. I am actually pretty technical, and apparently quite smart 🤓 though I am still figuring out what that means. 😜

My goal is to develop a real mobile app 📱 and you are helping me get there. 🙏

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