On this episode of “Life Hacks” by KT

Maybe it was my high school exchange year in Switzerland that made me enamored with efficiency. Or it has become a necessity from training for three sports, plus balancing a full time and part time job. Or perhaps I’m just lazy. But I’m always seeking ways to make life a little bit easier, faster, cheaper, and more fun. Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

The sunglasses are mine, though.

Le Tote. Things I dislike: Shopping. Dry cleaning. Spending lots of money on clothes. Looking schlubby because I’m wearing the same jeans and t-shirt combo every day. Fortunately, I no longer have to make a trade off between these. Le Tote is a $49/month unlimited subscription service for clothes, kind of like Netflix (pre-streaming). Add some clothes and accessories to your queue and they send you a box with five items to keep as long as you’d like. Send them back in a pre-paid envelope and they’ll take care of the cleaning. Repeat as often as you’d like. There’s no sign up or cancellation fee. At the risk of sounding like an ad, here’s a referral link that will give you $25 off.

Yes, it is this exciting.

Rent the Runway. Shopping. Boo. We get it. But what if you want to look nice for a special occasion…but without having to invest in something that you’ll need to wear to every wedding for the rest of your life to justify the cost? Rent the Runway has thousands of options (and, thankfully, very advanced searching and filtering capabilities) to rent for a few days for $30-$80 or so. They deliver the garment wherever you’re going and you just drop off the pre-paid envelope in a UPS box afterward. Since brands differ in their sizing, they send two different size and there are obsessive notes about fit, recommended undergarments, accessories, etc. If you live in DC (or a few other cities), there are brick and mortar stores, if you’re old skool and like to try on your rental dresses before reserving them online and having them shipped. Also be sure to check out their Pro option, which gives free shipping, free, insurance, and a free birthday dress rental — which alone covers the cost of the pro account. I’m also on the waitlist to try RTR’s unlimited option, which might give Le Tote a run for its money…

Perfect for the busy yuppie.

From the Farmer. I realize there is now an emerging theme that I don’t like to shop in real stores. Fair point. This one is DC (area) only and lets you have the benefits of a farmers market (fresh produce! supporting local farms! insight into growing practices! seasonal recipes!) without having to lug a wicker basket around a crowded market on a Saturday morning, when you’d rather be in the middle of a four hour bike ride. (Or sleeping, I suppose.) From the Farmer differs from traditional CSAs in that you can choose how often you want the food (no requirements), choose the food you want (e.g. remove the peaches and get double the onions, but why would anyone do that?), and let the food come to you (delivered in an insulated bag at 6 AM).

Needless to say, this husky puppy was adopted quickly, but we had fun while it lasted.

Rural Dog Rescue. One of these things is not like the others, eh? But bear with me here. Would you like to adopt a dog but your jetsetting life won’t allow it? (Or any other legitimate reason to not be ready for the commitment?) You can get your cute fix while helping a good cause by fostering a dog temporarily with Rural Dog Rescue (among others). Fostering lasts from a few days to months, depending on how quickly the dog is adopted. During this time, RDR provides fosters with the food, toys, crate, etc. Worried about leaving a dog at home all day while you are busy saving the world? (This is DC, after all.) You can also volunteer to be a temporary foster, taking in a dog over a weekend so Fido can practice socializing with more people. Want to learn more?

That’s all for now. Anything else I should try?