Multiple Locations Provide Self Storage Solutions in Bronx and Brooklyn New York

Douglas Barker
Feb 23, 2018 · 2 min read

The search for an affordable storage unit isn’t as challenging as it once was. The storage industry is evolving as more needs arise. More people are hanging on to personal belongings even if they are not being used. Some of this is because of sentimental value. Some individuals may also need to store things that have great monetary value. This may include larger items such as boats, cars, sports equipment or all-terrain vehicles. There are multiple locations that provide self-storage solutions in Bronx and Brooklyn New York. Here is basic information on where these locations are and what they provide.


Storage Post offers four locations of Storage Units in Bronx, New York. These stores are located on Park Avenue, Brook Avenue, Fordham Road and Bruckner Boulevard. Every location offers a variety of unit sizes. They range from locker size which measures five feet by five feet to extra large units that measure 10 feet by 15 feet. Each facility offers all of these sizes with the exception of Bruckner Boulevard. They do not currently have extra large units. All of the units are climate controlled and some have an interior entrance. Elevator access is available.


Brooklyn, New York currently offers two Storage Post locations. Storage Units in Brooklyn are located on Grand Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. Unit sizes vary starting at locker size which measures five feet by five feet on up to the extra large size which measures 10 feet by 15 feet. The Grand Avenue location does not offer the locker size storage units. The facilities offer 24-hour access and all units are climate controlled. There is elevator access available for those units that are not on the ground floor. Most of the units are interior units with a few being outside.

All units provide a safe place to store almost anything. Storage locations provide 24-hour video surveillance which helps protect the units from theft. The steel doors and walls are an additional security feature that makes it even more difficult for anyone to enter without being given proper access. Affordable pricing and flexible contracts are also available. Additional storage locations are also available throughout New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Louisiana. The helpful staff at Storage Post can provide anyone with information on currently available storage solutions.

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