Shopping handmade shoes in Barcelona

  • Kate Valencia (@91kv) Barcelona Nov 2018

One of my hobbies, I would say my main hobby, is searching for very special, uncommon fashion items whilst wandering around different cities during my travels. What I do is that I combine these items with the usual clothes from Zara or H&M, thus making outstanding, trendy but affordable looks.

Usually, I buy all these things from small shops and local markets. I try to avoid the big chain stores that sell a lot anyways. Instead I try to help to local economy and artisans wherever I go. It’s also something very exciting, I always find a hidden store with a lot of bargains, and I love them! I invest more in these little things than in fast fashion in general. For me they are also my favorite type of souvenirs, not something I would just put on my desk and leave it there, but something that I make use of on a weekly basis. This way, whenever I come back from a trip, my look tells a story of where I have been. Some people collect magnets, I like to collect fashion items for my outfits.

Montecarlo — Indian Fur coat bought in Seville
Sete (France) — Nacar neck bought in San Andres, Colombia

The last place I found a great bargain was at HANDMADE® Barcelona. HANDMADE® is a small ethical family company whose vision is to keep alive the tradition of family owned workshops. They do this by empowering and supporting unemployed artisans to become ethical workshop owners. They sell beautiful handmade shoes directly from the artisans! I have been buying from this brand for some time now. I found out about them when I wanted to buy a pair of Menorquinas made in Spain and a friend of mine told me that they sell the best ones! (She was right) The first product I bought from them was a pair of sparkly silver Menorquinas, which is a typical sandal from Menorca. I love them, they are comfortable, cheap and durable. I ended up owning 10 different pairs. Haha. They run for only about €40.

Milos (Greece) — Sandals bought in Barcelona

Anyway, now it is winter time in Europe, and the last time I bought from them I got myself a pair of knee-high leather boots. I had a red collar which I attached to the boots, giving them a kind of a gipsy touch. I think they look great together! What do you think?

Pompeii (Italy) — High Knee Boots from Barcelona
Customised boots with cristal collar from Murano

I have a lot of reasons why I keep going back to this shop. First of all, everybody in the shop is an artisan, which is really cool, they all know their products really well. They also have a very special service, they make custom made shoes for their customers, adapt what they have using different tools and always with a smile and even with a cup of cava some days. This shows that they actually want to help you to find the perfect shoe for yourself, not just to make you buy something. If you don’t believe me, you can check their reviews on Google Maps, it’s ONLY 5-star comments.

Trying boots in a HANDMADE® store in Barcelona

I had a hard time deciding between the brown and the black boots. After trying both pairs, I went with the black classic ones, you can’t go wrong with those. These high boots are simple and classic, therefore they are a very versatile pair of shoes. You can match them with almost anything! Really, I went in a cruise last week and I only took this pair of boots with me, for 8 days. I had no problem matching them with different outfits, they really match almost anything, from a pair of jeans to a dress. I think that this is thanks to the leather. It’s not that shiny, but neither matte. They shape is stylish, the detailing is amazing.

I would say that they are the perfect staple boots for winter, as they are warm, comfy and durable. The interior is thermic material, so it’s definitely better to wear this than thick bulky trousers. Luxury at an affordable price! Before buying high-knee leather boots for €300 or the cheap fake ones from Zara which cost €80, try to check these ones out. They are a great balance between price and quality. Also, if you are buying from them you are contributing to an ethical purpose, thus making the world a better place.

I discovered the brand for the first time back in Colombia, but now I became a frequent shopper of their products here in Barcelona, where they have 3 small shops. The shops are tiny, like a hole in the wall, another signs of how authentic they are!

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps! See you around the world!

EXTRA TIP: Tell them you were given a coupon but you lost it (they give away 10% coupons every now and then). They are really kind and will believe you, so you will get a 10% right away :D