Katie, did you watch the entire play?
Yvonne Loar

I understand your passion in defending this teacher, and I hope you truly believe me when I say, again, that she’s not a monster.

But, you must admit, this situation was not handled correctly — regardless of permission slips, or what the parents say. Regardless of the narrative on either side.

I have no horse in this game. No anger toward anyone. No need to watch the entire play. Because it doesn’t make a difference.

I am simply trying to explain that if this boy was being disruptive, a faculty member could have intervened the minute he got into line again.

Had that occurred, and the boy was able to express that he wanted to say, “gobble, gobble” it really wouldn’t have hurt anything.

I am a daycare provider, not a teacher, but I would have probably approached the boy, put my arm around him and grabbed the mic. Helping him feel included. At least acknowledging his presence.

I realize it’s easy to say that in hindsight. But I feel like I must offer some alternative as you keep fighting so hard to keep looking at other details.

I appreciate that you want to defend the honor of the school and staff.

But it only takes a second to be kind. No matter how long the play, or how frustrating the day.

It seems this was not this woman’s finest hour.

Your school, and she, would be far better to acknowledge that and move on — without wasting time pointing fingers and trying to spread the blame around.

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