Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

Yvonne, I watched the video and read your article. I’m going to try to articulate my feelings as best as possible.

Today, my almost 4 year old autistic son woke up and saw the first snowfall of the season here in Wisconsin.

He doesn’t say much right now. Six months ago, he didn’t speak at all.

He looked out that window, and said, “Snowing!”

That one word made my heart soar.

Like yours did when your baby started talking, saying “Mama” or “Dada” and so on…

The people who know my son’s challenges celebrate each of his accomplishments like parents celebrate first words, first steps, etc;

They know that shared joy can be few and far between.

I don’t think this teacher is a monster, but she surely was not interested in celebrating that boy’s success (public speaking, group participation, connecting with an audience) or sharing his joy.

I find that to be incredibly sad for someone who should be teaching and encouraging children.

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