It is time for a change

Look out your window, gaze over your balcony, watch through your light windscreen. What do you see? I can predict from left to right you see buildings, houses, apartments or roads. Traffic lights chasing from red to green, buses and taxis maybe even a train line or two? Western Sydney is as some say buzzing with life, a business-residential district with nothing but growing in size…

But if you were to ask what I see, my view is somewhat entirely different. I look out into a smog hazed skyline. Rubbish over flowing from household bins, litter rummaging down drain pipes and clogging waterways. I smell the toxins sink in from thousands of exhausts, cars sputtering, buses leaving a cloud of irreversible damage. Colossal man made towers, bridges defeating what once ruled. It is hard to notice the gasping trees, depressed shrubbery and even yellow stained front lawns.

New established communities pop up year after year from Bella vista, to Kellyville and now even Pemulway. These towns do not care for the land they destroy to create much needed 3 story homes. What about the 5 lane motorways that cut through precious land and vegetation, is getting to work a few minutes earlier really worth killing thousands? Contaminated waterways creep around our very own backyards, Parramatta river gleams with oils and sparkles with litter reaching out to our very own Darling Harbor.

There is only one who can be blamed. Humans. We create such a desire to build, to own, and to take over. We destroy, make irreversible changes and continue to ignore the future consequences. It is time to make a change. To decontaminate all we have contaminated. To give back to the environment we take so for granted.

For more evidence view this site: https://curiosity.com/playlists/are-humans-destroying-the-environment-0-qI1H2Z/#science-today-oil-spill-effects-california-academy-of-sciences-california-academy-of-sciences




The degradation of the environment is not just shown on a global level but can be impacting yourself in your local community as well. It is and will affect us ALL. The Census population of Greater Western Sydney in 2011 was 1,923,698, living in 672,425 dwellings with an average household size of 2.98, according to the WSROC, http://profile.id.com.au/wsroc/population?WebID=200

Not only where houses built and torn through the environment, but most houses where only shared by less than 3 people. Now in 2015, we can only fathomed the effect of the growth of our population will continue to make.

Vegetation slaughtered for mansions to be built in the Western Sydney region
The average home today has doubled in size, Humans greed is inevitable.



Years ago native wildlife would be the norm of the western Sydney area. Now, I would be bewildered to see a kangaroo hopping down my street. The Australian wildlife conservancy stated: More than 1,700 species of animals and plants are listed by the Australian Government as being at risk of extinction. Around 30% of our surviving (non-bat) mammal species are threatened with extinction. The primary factors causing this loss of wildlife include… Clearing native vegetation. More information can be found at: http://www.australianwildlife.org/wildlife.aspx

Loss of habitat lead this Koala to cruel fate
COLD TRUTH: Dead blue tongue lizards are more often seen like this then in their full presence



The pollution we, as humans continuously create is a horrendous factor we need to take under control. There are a number of different types of pollution humans create that have a large cumulative impact on our local environment. Liverpool council stated,

“The amount of pollution that has entered our environment has been greatly increased by human activity and can have a negative impact on human quality of life and the health of the environment.”

Find out more on what Liverpool council has to say at: http://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/environment/pollution

Remember pollution affects our entire ecosystem, an ecosystem of which we as humans are also greatly a part of.

Humans are the Cause
Statistics show Pollution effects us individually to severe levels



You MUST do something about the damage we have all done to our ecosystem.

I challenge you to take small steps to create a better life for yourself and your environment. There many small activities and decision you can do every day do overcome the power of pollution and environmental damage. Doing so you wills simultaneously create a longer, more enjoyable life for us all.


Let’s make everyone understand humans caused the damage and so humans need to undo what they can. If you see a contaminated water site, littered walkway, chucked cigarette or even cleared damage land, let the world know you hear the earth calling for help. Take a photo and share it to the world, describe it in a post or vibe your fury in a status. Help us help each other for a better future for our earth.

Help reduce housing developments, increase wildlife and native vegetation funding in the Western Sydney region




If you’re finding cruel environmental harm in your local community whether it is the local western Sydney region or further, even global, have your say and make it count. stand up to your local council and build a counter power that wants more money and time spent on the environment! Research how improvements can be made, fund these through fundraisers and join together to create awareness in your community. We must all work together for a better, healthier environment.

Sign up to help fight for our Australian environment at:




CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS, A program that that combines volunteering and keeping fit:


Participate and show you care.



If we all work together putting a step forward for our environment a positive change will be made. The decisions we make now will affect us and future generations heavily. If we want our children and our grandchildren to Look out their windows, gaze over their balconies or watch through their windscreen and tell us this is what they see… Trees towering home to the famous koala. Houses fitted with solar power and the recycling overflowing. Traffic de-congested but trains and buses packed. Waterways gleaming crisp and clear with fish racing downstream. While birds fly over park lands full of native fauna. Western Sydney- buzzing with healthy life, a sustainable and ecofriendly district.

The possibilities are in our hands


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