This is not what I thought my next (and only second so far) post would be. I was contemplating topics like “Managing remote teams like distributed talent” or “Getting fit while working from home without weights or a gym membership”. I have some anecdotal insight from over 8 years of hiring and leading distributed teams while dealing with clients, kids, a house full of chores and dropping 40 pounds. Oh how the tables turn and force our (actually only mine) hand into talking about all this and much more in one fell swoop. Those posts may have to wait to…

Photo by Youjeen Cho on Unsplash

Once upon a time software development used to follow a very intuitive (often mistaken as common sense) process. Business analysts would talk to people with a problem (client) to get a better sense of the issue at hand. A solution would be brainstormed and presented to the client as requirements. Clients would agree to a time and date for this solution and off to the design mill we all go. Designers would figure out the user flow and make the product look really nice and developers would try to build it as close as possible to the design. Then testers…

Sumit Madan

Erasing the line between Product and People management — 1 article at a time:

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