Setting off for my UX design journey

Come end of August, I will be attending my first class session in user experience design immersive (UXDI) course. Feeling excited to make my first step in my career change to be a UX designer!

I used to be an artist for a visual effects artist for movies, at a studio in Fusionopolis. Things were hunky dory until it was announced that our studio was closing and we were to pack and leave on the same day. Like most of my colleagues, I felt lost and wondered where I could go from there.

I had thought of returning to IT related jobs as that was what I had studied for in university. I went for a job seminar organised by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), where somebody I chatted with earlier suggested that I consider UX design. The immersive course I am enrolled in is subsidised by IDA.

I read books and online articles and watched videos on anything related to UX design and was intrigued by the design process (eg: user research, prototyping). One of the process involves looking from the user’s point of view to customise the app / website (eg: designing persona). As a former game tester and customer service agent for mobile apps, I thought I could use my work experience as such to make the app as user friendly and pleasant to use as possible.

I also think that the design process is similar to software engineering. I had taken up the course before and I believe it would be quite similar to what I need to do to complete the UX design (eg: communication with the client or users, prototyping).

Looking forward to get into class next week and get started on whatever comes!