Stop kidding yourself

I contemplated starting this my first story on this platform with a quote. “It would be a fun way to grab the attention of the one or two persons who may accidentally come across this story”, I said to myself. What a lie. I was deluding myself, a bad habit that I have always known about,but one which I chose to ignore. However, today as I opted for mind numbing entertainment as opposed to the ever mounting list of tasks; I caught myself wondering. In fact I was downright analyzing myself.

I realize by this point I have already lost one of the two people who will read this. However, for that other person, today I stepped into a reflection of the light (not the light, I am still a long way from it). I realized that I needed to wake up. I needed to challenge myself, and I needed to own all the parts of myself.

This is me.

I invite the one person(you probably scrolled directly to the bottom) to accompany as I an almost 18 year old Jamaican girl find my voice and reconstruct myself. To find my niches(yes multiple) and by extension a clearer picture as to who I am. Who knows, maybe you will learn something about yourself on the way.

new beginnings.