Why mobile videos suck

Party like it’s the 1890s

No discussion on filmmaking techniques is complete without touching briefly on the history of film.

The right “filter” to make your videos look great

Filters have completely transformed the way we take photos on our phones. Most of us are able to choose an interesting subject and compose our shot just fine, but lighting and color is often hard to get right. Filters essentially enable us to re-light and re-color the shot after the fact, giving us the control a professional photographer might have in a studio environment.

Telling a story

Now that we’ve covered how we should be shooting, the next step is figuring out what we should be shooting.

Enjoying the creative process

We often hear that consumers will always prefer creating photos to videos because the former is much faster and easier. Yet paradoxically users are finding ways to make the photo creation process more involved and time-consuming. It used to be that you would take a photo, slap on a filter and share it right away. These days, it’s not uncommon to find Instagrammers running every photo through 2 or 3 photo editing apps before uploading it. To them it doesn’t matter if it takes one second or ten to snap a photo. It’s the creative process of massaging the raw photo to get to that perfect end result that they find most rewarding.




Ex iOS dev

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Kuan Yong

Kuan Yong

Ex iOS dev

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