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Summer, Physics, Creativity and the Meaning of Life, revisited early spring…

minutes ago i had a nice quick conversation with my son’s best buddy’s dad, when we were dropping kids at the school gate for the morning of systemic in-formation, and it all went a curious mental path.

he was born and raised in Algeria, so i wanted to break the mould a little and started with ‘Ça va?’, to which he replied, half-laughing, half-asleep ‘Normally, in Algeria, I’d say, as most people would, ‘Ça va pas’, because it’s too early, too cold to get up. But today, here, I say ‘Ça va bien’ :).’ because, indeed the morning, chilly as it is, is also abundant with the spring-infused sunshine of the fresh new cycle coming. a humble — in its inconspicuous commonality — yet blessing nevertheless.

and that is exactly it — one of the major reasons why the world is in the crisis we’re all trying to somehow wade through and out of now: sunshine. energy. spice.

the fast, pragmatic North has — ever since the notion of international goods exchange was made possible — held the southern pace of things in much lower esteem, because of its ‘laziness’ during the zenith hours of the day, forgetting, or just conveniently falling into ignorant arrogance coming from holding the position of power in whatever form, that in the South the exposition to the most essential energy source for life on Earth, the Sun, is significantly more intense, and that the amount of effort to produce the conditions bringing the reassurance of stability and relative security against extinction, is much smaller, whereas the imminent risk of losing the other essence of life — water accumulated in the body — much more real through evaporation. so the siesta serves the most essential purpose — of social bonding — which can be given the attention it deserves, as less time than in the North has to be spent securing the survival. climate has shaped those strategies which are as globally incompatible as trying to survive on the Mediterranean diet and habits in Lapland. but we, in the cold North, have figured out we’ll make everyone follow our rules, imposed by the harshness of the glaciers, the scarce food sources, the aggression required not to give in to the forces of nature and decomposition.

convincing ourselves we’re above that, above our physicality, the constraints of the organic matter the organic mind has come from, the interconnected microflora of our intestines, is acting against our very physical existence. we’re different, with different climates, different rivers and mountains shaping our attitudes, latitudes and platitudes, different cultures, languages, access to resources, but we all live on a round piece of rock, and, no matter how hard we flex the sphincters, we’re not going to crate matter out of nothing. no planet B. all matter, and all that matters, is now, here, nowhere. up to us whether we fight for the illusion of control over it, or make as much of the time we have together here as possible.

just a mid-week thought…



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kuba adamów

kuba adamów


a happily introverted, and seemingly individual, arrogant in his insignificance, human-shaped warp of the universal reality… we’re all it… we’re all connected…