One of our core products is Nordcloud Insight, a cost visibility and optimisation tool where we provide information about cloud spends for our customers. During the last few months, we went through a major rewrite of the tool — we have moved from Ruby on Rails application based on Elasticsearch DB towards a serverless application made with AWS powered stack, Go, and Redshift as our main data storage.

Our data exchange model fits nicely into GraphQL — our UI application queries data, with multiple filters, drill-downs, and groupings, so it was easier for us to design a proper GraphQL schema…

At Nordcloud, we have a lot of community events and challenges. Polish department has a running challenge this spring — the idea is very simple, everyone who will run 200 kilometers or more during this spring will get a special award. We’ve decided not to force usage of a particular running application — we wanted to avoid Apple Watch users fighting against Polar users, Endomondo against Strava and so on. At first, our HR department idea was to keep some Google Sheet with data gathered from screenshots via Slack, but hello — we are a technology company!

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I am an…

AWS Cognito and API Gateway play really well together — it’s a statement that's really hard to disagree with. Last year we decided to switch all of our API authorizers to Cognito based ones, but then we’ve realized that there is a gap that we need to fill in — how to easily sign calls to API Gateway made from CLI? 🤔 Our frontend applications use AWS Amplify so it was seamless for our frontend team to work with the stack, but our products are used both via CLI/cURL and GUI…

…the solution

Inspired by Amplify I’ve decided to create a CLI…

The problem

Our department is responsible for creating internal tools that help our colleagues while working with a public cloud. The thing we were missing was an easy way to communicate planned and shipped features to all the people within our company. So we’ve decided to build the Roadmapper, a simple website that provides a list of planned and shipped features. We needed it to have a simple expandable list of issues. And we needed to have it ASAP.

The final product UI


The initial idea (inspired by Spectacle.js) was to use .mdx files, but that would overcomplicate things a bit. All we wanted is the…

The ability to develop universal, framework and library agnostic UI elements that can be shared among different projects and teams seems to be the perfect medicine for at least part of what we call a framework churn in modern front end world. Ever since I’ve started working as a web developer I witnessed a number of elements and interactions that can be abstracted away to a reusable code, but differences between frameworks and their implementation details were making it cumbersome… Web components seem to be an answer.

But wait, what are the web components?

Web Components is a suite of different technologies allowing you to create reusable…

Kuba Holak

lead R&D js geek @ Nordcloud. AWS certified.

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