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Hi Guys — thanks for this honest and personal write up.

I got a BIG takeaway as far as using your model for enterprise software and I really appreciate the insight. Thanks you.

I’m glad that you recognized that the “mentor madness” you went through contributed to a lot of confusion. I learned this as well. It’s always more worthwhile to validate with paying customers and real investors than with mentors who don’t necessarily have skin in the game.

A word of warning from an older friend:

“The back and forth is what makes it brutal, but those moments of ‘high’ will always keep us going, searching for the next small win, the next milestone, the next high.”

This is junkie talk. This is exactly what degenerate gamblers say, what drug users say, what alcoholics say. The rush. The fix.

Watch out for this.

I recommend you think about replacing this high with doing meaningful work, however you understand that. It’s much more healthy and sustainable to just do your thing than to go after the highs. As the amplitude of your feelings falls off (the highs get lower and the lows get higher) you’ll be able to work much more comfortable over longer stretches.

Good luck.

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