Hug A Tech Entrepreneur. Today.

China is down.

Calgary Times

The NASDAQ is down.

The S&P is down.

Minutes ago Upworthy laid off 14 people.

The tech Twitterati are on it.

Others are making jokes.

The seas are getting choppy out there in startup land so let’s just remember:


“… and coming back to the breath.”

This is all a game. A serious game. One we often stake lots on. But a game. Shakespeare said it first and little has changed since them.

It’s scary. I know, I’ve been there.

90% of your clients are startups that won’t get to A. You’re doing well but your investor is about to be destroyed on another unicorn he was vested in and doesn’t have the bandwidth and balls to go in on you. Your employees are freaking out and can’t concentrate on real work for more than 90 seconds at a time. The two angels you’ve been courting for months have gone dark.
I’ve been there. But this is where the rubber meets the road for entrepreneurs. This is the line between startupers and entrepreneurs. This is game time.

So let’s remember what counts.


Real relationships.

Not being an asshole.

Not lying, cheating and stealing (none of this “desperate times call for desperate measures” nonsense).

Taking care of yourself.

People being good to people.

So this is my ask. My CTA:

Let’s reach out to our fellow entrepreneurs. Let’s high-five them. Send a text. Call. Just say hi. Is your cousin working in Silicon Valley? Give him a call and make sure he knows he can reach out. Is your friend selling to startups? Text her and see how her Friday’s going.

Some of us are struggling with depression, substance abuse, going through breakups or personal money issues or other types of loss. So let’s make sure we don’t loose anybody to suicide, to drugs or to other forms of desperation. This might be the big startup crash everyone’s been talking about. It might not. None of us knows for sure.

So let’s just take care of each other.

“Hi Jack. Damn, the market is brutal today. How are you doing? Just letting you know I’m around.”

Let’s take care of each other. It’s gotten choppy out there and let’s remember. This is us at our worse:

The Bootstrapped Office

and these are kids running away from war.


Perspective. Breath. Empathy. Open channels of communication.

Big hugs to all the entrepreneurs out there and reach out if you need a friend to sit in the foxhole with you. I’m not saying what’s going on isn’t scary and I’m not saying it will be easy, but it really will be all okay.

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