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Kurzgesagt — In a Nutshell

This morning I read an article that said Gov. Carney rejects university report that Delaware hospitalizations have peaked. This projection model by IHME has been cited by the White House and media outlets including NPR.

This model suggests that Delaware should see the peak for hospital resource use on April 9, 2020. Only 102 hospital beds should be needed; However, 201 people were hospitalized and 43 were in critical condition on Thursday.

The Reality

I aggregated COVID-19 related data in Delaware and created a COVID-19 Infographic to get a better understanding about the current situation. I noticed two things during the data discovery. First, the daily positive rate has increased from 13% to 22% since April 1. Additionally, positive cases show an average 29% day-over-day growth rate during the past 10 days. …

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Buddhist Texts @Tokyo National Museum

Last weekend I spent a few hours and tried out Google Cloud APIs to explore opportunities to discover insights from unstructured data like customer service calls.

My concept is to transform voice to quantified insight, then aggregate those data back as part of 360-degree customer view. It should help us to recreate customer journeys for further marketing actions on customer level.

Google and AWS provide out of box solutions to convert voice records to text through a simple API. …

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