The journey for our home

1st ($4500; 8/1),mobile,townhouse_type/2102087049_zpid/54626_rid/4-_beds/37.493111,-121.900692,37.301367,-122.147885_rect/11_zm/

Address: S Mary AveSunnyvale, CA 94086

Status: Muse is applying.

Plan A — the master owner has her private bathroom.

Master+private bathroom : $1250

2 middle bedrooms: $1100 for each

The smallest bedroom: $1050

Plan B — 4 people share 2 bathrooms

Master: $1135

2 middle bedrooms: $1135

The smallest bedroom:$1095


  • Nice yard to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Each room is quite spacious


  • old home appliance
  • Small garage for 2 cars?

3rd ($4500; might be 8/1)

Address: 744 Durshire Way | Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Note: A refurnished old house. If we haven’t be accepted by any house by 7/15, we will apply this one.

Price: TBD


Home appliances look quite new.


  • no A/C
  • Hopefully we can move till 8/1 (no other applicants now.. but they can only hold for us for 2 weeks. As long as the house hasn’t rent out by 7/17, we got big chance to move in on 8/1.)

4th ($4500; 8/Beginning)

579 Kiholo Terrace, Sunnyvale

[Status] Betty is applying

[Note]: Super luxurious bathroom in Master room (a tub, a shower room, two sinks, one closet inside the bathroom..)


Master: $1300

2 middle size bedroom $1100

The smallest room $1000

5th $4495 (4b & “3.5”bath)

Address: 1075 E Duane Ave, Sunnyvale

Note: Gorgeous luxurious house with 3.5 bedroom. You can take bath at any floors.(It’s closed to AMD, in the same community we have visited the luxurious house before.)

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