Why should companies use vault.live as their knowledge base?

Ask yourself that what is the most important thing for your company.

I guess, many of you will answer experience and know-how. If not, I’m sure they will agree with me now.

Questions for you:

  • How do you manage experiences?
  • How do you manage know-how?
  • Do you have a corporate intelligence?
  • Do you ask same questions multiple times?
  • How fast do you accept feedback from your company?
  • How fast do you find what you are looking for?
  • How can you spot the most productive ones?
  • Do you have a guru who can answer to every question in your company?

So, if one of these questions is awaiting answer for you, vault.live is the best product to get best answers for these questions.

Let’s start with managing experiences

Writing an experience

Here you can see that there are many features you can set while adding your experience. You can categorize your contents by using folders. You can add tags and let your content more searchable. You can set privacy and let only a few people to see your content on flow. Once you set everything and wrote your experience clicking Publish button will publish your content and make visible for people. People will see this content on their flow or they will be able to find this content while searching any word in this content.

Fastest Search

Since this application uses Elastic Search for searching contents, you will never miss anything which is published in your company.


Every contribution in this app increases your XP point. XP point can be used by company as a performance factor. This will make people more excited for contributions.


Once your content is published, you can view content logs and learn about who viewed this content, who downloaded which attachments and when, who played video files and when. This is valuable information for publisher.


You can edit and update your content. Every update creates a new version of that content. You can view any version of historical content.

Share content

You can share this content with an email which is out of your company. This will make your content reachable from any person. Contents will be shared read only for those people. And again you can view which email has viewed content and when.


You can export any content to html,pdf or doc file.


You can print any content.

Other content types you can use


You can ask questions. Anyone who has the answer can submit their answer. Once a questions is asked you will be notified and you will never enter same question again and again. You can link any content as an answer to any question.

From now on, you have an expert who has all answers for your company. Smart search and AI will make you find the answers quickly. You can use question wizard to add lots of questions in a short period of time.


Article has a special text editör which lets you create rich contents. You can create headers, quotes, lists, tables, photos or videos to your content. Also you can change formatting for selected text as bold, italic, underline, color and give a link.

Articles has draft mode which lets you continue your writing later. Auto save runs and keeps your article up to date.

When you view an article you can create notes for each paragraphs. You can even discuss on paragraphs with other people. You can bookmark article itself or a paragraph.


Once you have a solution for any case, don’t hesitate to enter it as a solution in vault. Thus, let people to see this solution and increase their performance. A problem can have more than one solution, here you will see all of them.


If you have a note and don’t know where to keep it, enter that note in vault as a note. You will see all your notes in one place. You will be more organized then ever.


List type is very useful especially if you want people to contribute on a specific topic. Create a list content adding your description. And let people to add a new list item to the list. You can lock this list content anytime and people will not be able to enter a list item anymore. Don’t forget to unlock once you need more items.


If you have lots of videos and images on a specific event. This content type is just for you. Once you uploaded your files, you will see them on the flow. You can navigate to each media file with right-left arrows.


If you have lots of files on a specific project, gather them with this content type. Create a content type about any specific topic, put files in it. Download or view online your files anytime. Also you have the capability to edit your word,excel files online. What a great advantage is this, right?

Create Custom Content Types

If those content types are not what you are looking for you can create your own custom content type. Vault has an elastic content type wizard which lets you select many attributes.

You can select

  • if media files can be inserted.
  • if files can be attached.
  • if code blocks can be inserted.
  • if status will be enabled.
  • if grouping will be enabled.
  • if this content can have a list.
  • if you want a specific ID field.
  • who to enter contents with type.
  • default folder for this type.
  • if folder for this type not to be changed.
  • title is mandatory or not.

This way you can create as many content type as you want.

Can you imagine how flexible is this application.

Approval System

In vault, there are users, editors,admins.

There is an approval mechanism in vault. You can enable/disable this feature. Once you enable this feature, users’ entries will be published as pending status. Only editors and upper level roles needs to approve those contents, so that those contents will be visible to everyone and will be searchable.

Mail and in-site notifications will notify related people to take necessary action .

Notification System

Notification system lets people notified via their notification preferences. Email and in-site notifications can be arranged from profile section.

How do you manage know-how?

As you can see, you have kept all your know-how and make it reachable for everyone.

Do you have a corporate intelligence?

From now on, you have. It is all up to you, how much data you can include in vault that much benefit you will have.

Do you ask same questions multiple times?

You will never, AI will suggest you previously asked same question.

How fast do you accept feedback from your company?

Now, lightning fast.

How fast do you find what you are looking for?

Wow, another lightning fast result.

How can you spot the most productive ones?

Consider the xp points and spot the most productive ones.

Do you have a guru who can to every question in your company?

Yes, you have.

It is free for up to 5 users.

Why not try now. Here is the link.