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The potential of blockchain technology in Africa is unimaginable, now more than ever we stand a chance to leverage on technology and build Africa to become a land of milk, gold and honey.

We at KuBitX are advocating for blockchain adoption across Africa by African states, entrepreneurs and all parties interested to redesign Africa to a land of abundance.

Distribution of wealth is possible through blockchain technology and that is why we are championing the course. We are calling out to all the young minds of Africa to learn a thing or two about blockchain and other fourth industrial revolution technologies. Bithub our blockchain education and acceleration partner has created an open source platform for you to read, understand and develop blockchain based solutions for Africa by Africans. …

6 ways to earn with the KuBitX Business Ambassador Program
6 ways to earn with the KuBitX Business Ambassador Program
6 ways to earn with KuBitX Business Acquisition Program (BAP)

6 ways to earn with KuBitX Business Ambassadors Program (BAP)

  • KuBitX direct referral commission — 10%
  • 2nd level — indirect referral commission — 3%
  • 3rd level indirect referral commission — 1%
  • Cash back for buyers 1%
  • Business ambassador program bonuses
  • Company equity

Direct Referral

  • Direct referral commission of 10% applies when you sign up people on the exchange and they buy KBX on Instatrade.
  • The minimum purchase of KBX is usd100/ KES 10,000/ UGX 370,000/ NGN 36,300
  • The commissions are paid out at the end of every month as long as the referrer has a minimum KBX holding of $100
  • Team building is encouraged, however there is no limit to the number of referrals a user can sign up…

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Our Ambassadors will be taking the gospel of KBX to the streets of Africa and will be rewarded for it.

We have built so much utility for our native token. It is now time to get KBX into the hands of as many people as possible and we have a plan for this. We call it our Business Ambassadors Program (BAP). Our willing “foot soldiers” aka Ambassadors will hit the streets of Africa to show people what they can do with KBX, as well as help them get some, and they will be well compensated for their efforts.

What can people do with KBX today?

  • Exchange Trading Discounts — People trading on the Exchange can access discounted trading fees when they choose to pay with KBX held in their wallets. …


KuBitX Exchange

KuBitX is a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on education, inclusion and adoption.

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