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Sep 9 · 2 min read
Our Ambassadors will be taking the gospel of KBX to the streets of Africa and will be rewarded for it.

We have built so much utility for our native token. It is now time to get KBX into the hands of as many people as possible and we have a plan for this. We call it our Business Ambassadors Program (BAP). Our willing “foot soldiers” aka Ambassadors will hit the streets of Africa to show people what they can do with KBX, as well as help them get some, and they will be well compensated for their efforts.

What can people do with KBX today?

  • Exchange Trading Discounts — People trading on the Exchange can access discounted trading fees when they choose to pay with KBX held in their wallets.
  • Bill payments with loyalty incentives — Users on our PROW platform get loyalty cash backs when they pay their bills using KBX
  • Remittances — People can use KBX to send value across the world and especially in Africa in a matter of seconds and have it withdrawn to the bank also in a matter of seconds.
  • Save 2 Earn (Staking) — Our KBX holders can also hold their KBX for long periods and earn passive rewards monthly for the duration of their savings (a minimum of 6 months).

Where can I buy KBX today?

You can buy KBX on the KuBitX Exchange using the Instatrade feature, as well as the PROW app.

When does the Business Ambassador Program (BAP) start?

The Business Ambassador Program commences officially on 10 September, 2019.

How do I join the BAP?

Just sign up on the Exchange, buy KBX on InstaTrade and hold on your exchange wallet, also get people to sign up using your referral link and buy KBX on Instatrade as well. The minimum purchase from your referrals that qualifies you for the BAP referral commission is $100 worth of KBX.

Holding the minimum amount of KBX and increasing the volume coming from your team gets you more rewards and you get to qualify for bigger bonuses.

Existing users on the exchange and their referrals can participate in the program by purchasing and holding a minimum of $100 worth of KBX. Read more about the KuBitX BAP bonus and incentives here.

What’s in it for the stakeholders?

For KuBitX — More token holders and buy-in for our project, as well as more visibility with the grassroots who require these services the most.

For Investors — KBX token appreciation as a result of demand/supply dynamics.

For Ambassadors — rewards for their efforts via commissions and mouth watering bonuses.

For new customers — easier access to more markets, products and the blockchain space culminating in more financial inclusion.

Where can I find support?

You can join our Telegram group and ask for support, one of our admins will be there to guide you as quickly as possible. You can also write to support@kubitx.com.

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KuBitX is a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on education, inclusion and adoption.

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