Resistance is futile

The people of Earth are no longer a collection of disparate entities but are now a united collection of drones.

What may once have perhaps defined the human race is no longer static. The defining features, what made humans biologically and technologically unique, now changes on a daily basis.

Sure, the same primal instincts are there; the human race is still undeniably tribal in its pursuits. Humans still fight over land and trivial matters such as what deity is the right one to worship. But all this now happens within the technology defined drone mentality.

The internet is now 25 years old and the human race has embraced it to a point that the internet is a defining feature of the human race; it is inextricably part of all human culture and endeavour. The Borg have conquered and won.

From a very young age, humans are plugged in. Whether by design or by happy accident, the human race is no longer a race of purely biological beings. Humans have technological implants that are attached to the body 24/7. The human race has adapted to service no-one and has evolved into a state of perpetual consumption.

As a species that populates the whole planet, humankind has now become humantech. The biological and the technological are intertwined. The process is irreversible. Humans are plugged in and consuming at an unprecedented rate. Apps are created for problems that don’t exist, downloaded, consumed and discarded. Where an album used to tell a story a single track is downloaded and provides the instant gratification without the context of the entire story.

IoT or the Internet of Things presented a world where the technology around humans was connected 24/7. But, the reality is that it is humans who are connected 24/7. You wake up and fire up your phone, check Facebook to see how many likes you may have received for that out of focus holiday picture that no-one really wanted to see. You check Twitter and see what has changed with the desire to learn and engage with some insight that may or may not be relevant. You travel to work and reply to those emails and WhatsApp messages. You arrive at work, login and start replying to the work emails that have been sitting in your Inbox. You take a break and go and check your social media accounts. And it doesn’t stop. The human race is now hard wired .

The internet has allowed people to communicate so much information over vast distances in a matter of nanoseconds. But, the human race is now saturated with information. There’s so much to consume that humans skim and may miss the point of what they are consuming. This has lead to a global decreased attention span.

Humans had a unique ability over most other species on Earth. The power of speech. Humans can talk, articulate nuance and insight but the race has now become isolationist. The internet is Ketracel-white. The human race is hooked and cannot survive without it.

Traditional social interaction has now morphed into anti-social interaction. Humans are slaves to the screen and as wearable technology becomes more ubiquitous, people won’t need a screen. And then there’s the next step in forced evolution, cerebral implants that can’t be deactivated or removed.

I’d write more but I need to check my email.