Salvation Army proposal to relocate a shelter to 333 Montreal Road does not abide by the city rules that govern shelter locations.

Peter Kucherepa, Barrister & Solicitor, chaired a community-based team dedicated to look into the policy and legal implications of the proposed location in Vanier.

The team drafted a comprehensive report that reviewed the application of municipal policies and by-laws relating to the location of shelters in Ottawa. The report concludes that the proposed location breeches the three main municipal rules of shelter locations, specifically that : 1) shelters are not permitted on a traditional main streets 2) a new shelter cannot within 500 meters of an existing shelter; and 3) there cannot be more than four shelters in Ward 12. The report further notes concern that the proposal does not attain the planning policy objectives of the Ottawa Official Plan.

A review of the report will draw the reader to conclude that the Salvation Army proposal is actually attempting to amend the rules to fit with the proposed location, when it fact it should be amending the proposed location to fit within the City rules.

The report raises serious contention that the proposed location at 333 Montreal Road not the proper or legally abiding location for a super shelter facility in Ottawa.

Commentary available online.

Report is available online.

Report includes maps, media & communications lines.
(Please use caution in publishing maps as it may implicate or indirectly identify confidential women’s abuse shelters in Ward 12)

Peter Kucherepa may be available to speak to this in the evenings or early mornings as a representative of Vanier and in his personal capacity.

The report does not represent any position of any level of government, employer or associate, directly or indirectly linked to the author.

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