Indahash — An award-winning influencer marketing ecosystem

Hello everyone, Reunited with me Kuchiyosenojutsu. As always we will discuss a new crypto currency. The project we are discussing now includes a successful project in its field. Of course in a project whose name is marketing or marketing is very important to a company so that what is promoted can make a good or something else can be purchased. This time we are talking about Indahash is a reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem.

What is Indahash?

Indahash connects everyone with brands and companies to become a valuable influencer. For more details, see the video below:

Vision Indahash became a global marketplace manufacturer, where brands and companies (marketers) and nano and micro influencers (influencers) gather. Marketers will benefit by reaching a wider audience with a higher level of engagement. And influencers will be paid by marketers for some of their social media, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in marketing their budget expenditures.

Marketing expenditures will not only be distributed to famous influencers, but also to ordinary people.

Thanks to a carefully thought out chemical crypto, IndaHash Coin will be the world’s common cryptography to complete all influencer activity that reflects the growing market value. With the introduction of IndaHash Coin, we want to balance the world of influencer marketing and solve problems and challenges between influencers, brands and fan bases.

The power of each influencer is not only visible from the reach but also the ability to exert real influence through the attitude, behavior, and intentions of the composers. IndaHash introduces a system that will assess fan activity and add a jumblah influencer token that has been given for the event. Fans who receive tokens have the opportunity to exchange personal needs with their influencers.

New features will change the way influencers and brands work big and big, allowing them to get discounts on other products and services. This feature will significantly increase the chances of the brand getting genuine reviews of the desired trendsetters.

Excellence Indahash

· Brands who want to start or develop their cooperation with influencers.

· Influencer, who wants to work with brands and develop audiences even further.

· Audiences, who want to establish closer relationships with brands and influencers they follow.

An influencer who is interested in one of the tender campaigns should verify their interest through ‘payments’ for their participation with their inventory influencer points. Later in the process, the influencers ‘get’ these points through the delivery of the campaigns ordered. At the end of this path, the influencer can redeem the value earned through SMTS to ETH or cash token.

Faster, higher and anonymous transfers with no minimum limit:

· Currently, the waiting period for influencers to get paid after they complete the campaign is between 30–60 days. IndaHash coins will be immediately transferred to the influencer wallet with the possibility of further use or decomposition.

· The level of the influencer will increase by at least 20% compared to the regular rate in the fiat currency. Additionally, by choosing indaHash Coin, the influencer will get first access to the campaign before other users who choose fiat currency in payment.

· Payment in Hash Coin through privacy and full anonymity

· There is no minimum amount.

Ability to exchange IndaHash Coin features for Pay-With-Fame, enabling collaboration with brand and business loyalty :

· Initially influencers will receive access to branded products, new merchandise and discounts when shopping or using local services (such as restaurants, hotels, etc.).

Create personalization with influencer marks :

· Influencers can also create their own tokens and use them to increase engagement by using rewards and gamers. Addicts from influencers can use tokens and exchange them for something exclusive such as awards signed by influencers, closed meetings and social events.

Why is Indahash different from the others?

IndaHash does not provide prototypes or summaries, problem solving for ICO participation. What we dedicate is the influencer’s marketing ecosystem that works well along with the rapidly growing income products and increasing influencers. At present, IndaHash has the most influencer marketing platform and operates in over 70 countries. Growing 295% on sales and by 352% the number of influencers (compared to 1Q-3Q 2016 versus 1Q-3Q 2017)

Indahash is different from other influencer marketing platforms because its user base is under, ranging from very small influencers to influencers. The typical fight with the number of influencers they need to handle and appreciate is one of the reasons why nano and micro influencers have fewer chances than their larger competitors. Indahash is based on blockchain-based applications with self-maintained quality verification frameworks. This is an approach that lays the groundwork for a highly measurable platform that is capable of maintaining high quality standards.

The position of Pasar Indahash

We decided not to follow the crowd and create more blockchain protocols, but to create products for the practical use of blockchain technology. Therefore we position our products as a specialized blockchain application in the marketing technology sector (MarTech).
Using SMTS tokens opens up many benefits over conventional applications, such as trust (smart contracts) and flexibility (micropayments). The Indahash platform is embedded perfectly in today’s decentralized world.

Information token sale

Symbol : IDH
Maximum supply : 400 000 000 IDH
Available in pre & main ICO (hard cap) : 320 000 000 IDH
Emission rate : No new tokens will ever be created
Exchange rates during main ICO : Week 1 1ETH = 3840 IDH (20% bonus)
Week 2 1ETH = 3520 IDH (10% bonus)
Week 3 1 ETH =3200 IDH (0% bonus)
Minimum transaction amount : 0.5 ETH
Main ICO distribution period : from: 03:00pm UTC Nov 29th 2017
To: 03:00pm UTC Dec 20th 2017
Token distribution : Smart contract will distribute tokens instantly after successful transfer of ETH
Minimum goal(inc.Pre-ICO)(soft cap) : 40 000 000 IDH
Hardcap (inc.Pre-ICO) : 320 000 000 IDH


Based on the results of the quality verification, the Indahash prize and the valuation model incorporate the final prize awarded for certain social media mentioned with the influencer profile score. Each influencer must sharpen his personal platform profile to improve profitability in his area of activity. Only quality verification with good quality combined with a target oriented influencer profile will result in an optimal influencer name change.

How Indahash is so distorted Because of the award-winning influencer marketing marketer. The Easing in terms of ecosystems.
For those of you who want to invest and still curious about Indahash Can click on the link below. Up here is our meeting with me Kuchiyosenojutsu.

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