So You Want A Kuda Card

Everything worth knowing before you request one.

Nov 14, 2019 · 1 min read
Are these bank cards or a fashion statement?

It’s a different kind of design: a colour that makes a statement and a vertical layout with all vital numbers hidden on the back.

Brilliant stuff, but there are more important things we must tell you about your Kuda Card:

1. We need at least two weeks (14 days, 336 hours) to print and deliver it to your address. Please, hold on for it.

2. It’s a Verve debit card. (Our international cards are coming soon.)

3. It won’t work on most foreign websites and apps (like Amazon, Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify, Uber and Bolt aka Taxify).

It won’t work on Zenith Bank ATMs and POS terminals either.

4. You must change your default PIN before you try to withdraw cash or pay with your card. Please, follow the instructions in the Card section of the Kuda app: tap Card at the bottom of your dashboard.

5. If you need to replace your Verve card with another Verve card while we’re in beta, we won’t charge you.

Enjoy! 💜

Update: We adjusted our policy on replacing cards. While we’re in beta, replacements are free.


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