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The Akira Mascot as portrayed on the Kickstarter campaign

For a long time Linux has been famed to be used only by the geeks and hardcore hackers. But this notion has gradually faded away as Linux is becoming more and more friendly even to everyday Jack and Jill.

However even with its ever increasing user friendliness and population of users, Linux has been segregated by the major companies like Adobe and Sketch leaving it without great options for design tools. Akira is about to drastically change that.

Outlined below are the 5 (compelling) reasons your should seriously consider supporting Akira.

1. It is being designed by designers for designers.

Alessandro Castellani, the lead developer behind Akira is a…

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Anyone can write code, but to write quality code that scales requires one to apply disciplined practices. As software developers our ultimate goal is to create software that is

  • Tolerant to change
  • Easy to understand
  • The basis of components that will be used in other systems.

I introduce you to the SOLID principles that were introduced by Robert C Martin aka Uncle Bob in 1995 (but still very much relevant today). …

Hi I’m Kudakwashe Paradzayi and currently I am studying Software Engineering at the Harare Institute of Technology in Zimbabwe. I am introducing myself and this blog

I was introduced to programming in 2014 and ever since then I have been in love with programming. All these years I have gained some experience, some of which I will share in my next blogs.

I have programmed using several languages such as, c#, c/c++, Javascript, python and kotlin. Even though I know all these programming languages I have made a commitment to myself to lean more to expand my tool set…

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When I stumbled upon smartcash last week I was very much intrigued at the approach this coin takes. I will explain some of the things I learnt about smartcash in these few days so that any newbie to this currency can get up to speed without much hustle.

So what is smartcash anyways

SmartCash is a community governance, cooperation & growth focused blockchain based currency & a decentralized economy.

This is the official description you find on their website Smartcash is all about the community and as you read on you will see why.

Smart Rewards

Smart rewards are exactly what got me interested in smartcash…

Kudakwashe Paradzayi

Fullstack Web Developer × Building stuff with nodejs and vuejs .

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