Interesting times…

First of all Happy New Year everyone… And yea I mean that (especially for Nigerian folks), may you have a Happy 2016 regardless of what the economy looks like — The dollar is N300 to 1USD in the parallel market today! Woooot! I really never imagined that this will happen in my lifetime.

Moving on, one of the implications of this interesting season is, it’s time to start shopping local and producing local. So I dare say, entrepreneurs/SMEs of consumer goods out there, it’s an opportunity! This is a time to really establish your brands and market it like never before locally. So think about it, foreign holiday shopping budgets don’t amount to much anymore so if I can find a local alternative at the right price and quality why not. A high street shoe shopping budget of $200 which could get 2 -3 good quality shoes will probably now buy one. This year, I shall definitely be exploring the likes Idong Harrie, Thandos, Dej, Kene Rapu et al. Consider it too! Selah!

#startuplover, #proudlynigeria, #shoplocal