10 reasons why your business needs a professional website

For the present day population, internet is their home. Just like fashion is updated from time to time, updating the website is the key to have a good and a professional website. So for all the believers who believe that their business is too small to have a website, or for those people who thinks that traditional marketing techniques can bring them the profits they aim for, this article brings them the 10 reasons why they need to not only have a website but a professional website for their business:

  1. Build a Good Impression

As it is well said “first impression is the lasting impression”, a website is potential enough to create an impression of the business in the customers mind. So, this impression should be the best one. How to achieve this? The answer to this is to make your website professional. How to make it professional? The answer to this is:

Keep it clean and avoid pop-ups, ads, banners.

Avoid long scrolling page by bifurcating the pages based on their headings.

A professional website should also look professional on mobile i.e. it should also be mobile friendly too.

  • Original content- content is what customers read to know about you. In order to impress· and attract them, the content should be unique and in easy language.
  • Solve dead link broken link: each connecting web page of the website should be content rich.
  1. Easy Navigation: A professional website is one which displays all information regarding the business in different web pages. These web pages are dedicated covering all aspects of business like “contact us”, “services”, “about us” etc are all linked to make a website. This arrangement allows business to directly deliver the things the customer is in need of.

3. Helps Creating a USP :USP acronym for unique selling point or unique selling proposition is very clearly indicated by a professional website because it clearly states the difference between you and your competitors. And also having a USP will help a customer to uniquely identify any business.

4. Easy Spotlighting Your Most Important Content: The basic feature of a professional website is that it is free from noise and clutter, including things that are really necessary.

5. It Improves Customer Service : By adding FAQ page and thereby answering all your customers’ doubts and queries you can easily get to know about your customers needs and henceforth work towards its fulfillment. After all customers satisfaction is the aim of any business.

6. It Saves Time : Time is money. To explain information about your product whether face-to-face or telephonically is a very time consuming task. In this case online brochure, gives an opportunity to incorporate all the details about the products and services in one single document and hence save time.

7. Helps in the Growth of Business: For businesses already having a website, just add the important attributes, some professional images, and it will definitely have a lasting impact on the customers.

8. It Saves Money : Having a professional website can save money too. But how?
If a person is dealing in business having multiple products to offer to its customers, he can easily put it on the website about his new product range.

The question here is how will it save money? The answer is: in the olden times people used to send brochure to different places in order to inform the customer about their new product range. Owning a website will free him from the headache of printing the brochure, appointing people to deliver it to people etc. He can just update his website with the new products and to make it even more attractive he can even use pictures to describe more of his new product.

  1. To Be in Touch : We all are familiar with the Going Concern Concept that the business should go on for a foreseeable period of time. Owning a website proves this right.

If one decides to shift his business from one place to another it will mean that for some time his business will go offline. But a business with a professional website will never face such a problem. Even if you go offline physically you online presence will still be there through a Website which means you can still be in touch with people.

  1. For SEO Purpose: Search engine crawlers crawl over all the websites but rank only those websites on the top which are according to the Google algorithms. These algorithms keep on changing and change the basis on which crawlers analyse the websites and decide their ranks. So, a professional website, well-pleasing the audience will definitely please the crawler and in turn benefit the business.